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The advantages of black & white for newborns....

The best thing you can do for for your baby is surround them with black and white. Until babies reach around 6 months of age, they will respond best to bold, contrasting geometric shapes. Therefore it's important to provide babies with lots of opportunities to experience resources that feature these visual extremes and particularly geometric shapes.

Babies find these images more interesting than similar multi coloured ones and will be more likely to engage in the experience for longer periods of time. Visual development is stimulated as well as physical development like kicking and reaching and grasping for objects.

Studies show that babies not only prefer to look at these images but the black and white graphics can:
help increase concentration skills | stimulate brain cell connections (using both left & right side of brain) | increase attention span | enhance curiosity | calm their mind in their new overwhelming world

This is a really useful link:

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