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Are Nappy Caddys worthwhile?

Yes Yes Yes!!

A Nappy Caddy adds a touch of organisation, especially in those early newborn days. Everything you need can all be kept in once place. Most nappy caddys have a divider that then creates different compartments so every item has a home. An excellent storage essential for all the essentials like nappies, wipes, cream, nappy sacks and all the everything else you need in one place. Say goodbye to searching for wipes at 2am!

Nappy caddys are easily moved from room to room, although some people choose to have 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs, just to make life even easier.

Most caddys have a removable divider, which allows the caddys to grow with your little one. You can remove the divider and use it for book storage, toy storage, blanket storage the options are limitless.

Nappy caddys also make the perfect gift, it can be quite overwhelming for parents to make sure they have all the essentials for little ones arrival, that nappy caddys are quite often forgot about. I can guarantee mama will be thanking you for this gift, you could gift and nappy caddy full of essentials, fill it with gifts or even on it's own!

Our Boucle designed caddys were developed with a desire to match to your nursery theme, most of them being gender neutral we wanted our designs to fit in with your nursery.

So, the summarise YES nappy caddys are worthwhile and every mama to be needs one!

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